October 2014 News Letter

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!” Psalm 48:1

Dear beloved in Christ and co-laborers in the Ministry. Greeting and blessings from Frosinone, Italy.

We are soon approaching winter and since on a couple of weeks we had so much rain, it is creating problems for the populations in Northern Italy, as it has already happened last month in
the city of Genova. We thank God we never had any major problem, apart the mudslide on our church’s parking lot last Fall.

As for the other situations, we are grateful to God and to you for what we have been allowed to do together, evangelizing our communities. As you can see from the attached photos, on two different occasions we went to what we call “The Villa Comunale” (The City Hall Park), where usually people go for a walk on Saturday evening and through which, God blessed us with five new people (including three from Nigeria). We now have ten small children, ages ranging from two months to ten years old! We now have the problem of either finding a used Caravan or building a room on wheels, and park it next to the church building, so the children won’t disturb the church meeting, especially during themessage. Would anyone like to help provide this special room for God’s children?

Last month we had to elect a new board for our Pastoral and churches communion andalthough I didn’t want to have any responsibility for a while, to allow other Pastors to serve in turns as President. They wanted me as their Vice-President, to cooperate with the newPresident. Please pray for this Communion of churches because the enemy doesn’t like it; it helps us have communion and unity together with other churches and not befragmented, looking like many different religions.

On September 16th we had the Court Case for our daughter Joy, to get the Judge ruling so she could come back home with the son who is now 11 years old, but it seems they are taking a long time to make a decision, and we have a suspicion that the enemy is doing all he can to keep our daughter and grandson away from us. But we trust that God is still in charge of anything which regards His children. Praise God!!! So, we may have to wait a little longer, but we trust God for a solution according to His will.

Our son Joshua and Alessandra had they first baby girl who was born on September 11th,whose name is Sofia. She is a real beauty, and I need to ask Joshua if I can send a picture of her to put on the Newsletter. He is very careful about posting any picture of her. We are very proud of them. They live in the city of Sora, about 20 miles away from us, but since he works in Frosinone, we get to have them with us for two days and nights every weekend. After church on Sunday we have lunch together and then they go back home.

We want to thank you for your prayers for them and especially for Joshua, to get the job he has now. We are grateful to God and to you for this job for him.

I am thinking about organizing a Conferencesimilar to the one we had in May, but I would have it in English and invite ministers and friends from everywhere. Of course the Conference would be in English, and the Subject would be the same as we had the one in Italian, which was: “The Condition of the Local Churches in View of the Lords Return, and What Can we do About it”!

I truly believe that there’s much to be done and which we can do if we are truly Instruments in the hand of God, led by the Holy Spirit.

We have a new believer in the city of Ceccano, about ten miles from Frosinone. Anna and I went to meet her last Monday evening and had a little Bible study with her. Hopefully she can
come to church; she is a widow and has married children living in Rome who come to see her every Sunday with her grandchildren. She promised to come every once in a while but she promised that she would try very hard to come also on Thursday evening. Please pray for her. Her name is Carmela.

Please pray for new partners in God’s Field in our Province. The World belongs to God and He owns every soul on the face of the earth, but He has charged us to “reach the lost at any cost”! Jesus knew that since eternity, and He was born as a human being to die to rescue us! He did not stop before the cross and His sacrifice, so we want to do the same with His help and by His grace.

Please, make this God-given ministry (Operation Italy), as your own ministry and part of your life, until the Lord comes back to get all of us in Glory!

We love you, and I am sorry that I could not come to see some of you this Fall, but God willing I will see you in the Fall 2015!

Love in Christ to everyone and may God richly bless you all.
Your missionaries, Abel, Anna and family

Please write your checks to
“Operation Italy”
and mail them to:
Operation Italy
707 Winthrop St.
Medford, MA 02155

Operation Italy it’s a non-profit missionary Organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, and it’s exempt from income Taxes, under the revenue laws of the U.S.A.
Every donation to Operation Italy is tax deductible.

Abel Aureli
Corso Francia, 12
03100 Frosinone FR, Italy
PHONE: 011-39-0775-291-136
MOBILE: 011-39-338-190-3761
E-MAIL: operitaly@gmail.com
WEB-SITE: http://www.operitaly.org


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