December 2014 Newsletter

Dear beloved co-believers in Christ,

As many of you know now, Operation Italy is a missionary evangelistic and church planting ministry in Italy since July 1985. By the grace of God, in these years, although with limited resources, God helped us start six churches both directly and indirectly.

We are now looking for volunteer believers in each State of America and Canada, to help us raise our prayer and financial support, and be an active part of Operation Italy, to help us reach new communities of unsaved, with the saving message of the Gospel, and for our Church Planting, in Italy.

Italy has only 0.4% of people claiming to be Born Again Believers (that’s 0nly 236,000 believers out of a population of 60 Million), and with the Lord’s return approaching quickly, we need to reach them fast, with the saving message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Anyone willing to help? Every little helps!

Unfortunately, with the very few labourers in the field and the much work to do, we can’t spare time to travel to the USA and itinerate churches to raise our needed funds.

Volunteers will become members of our Missionary fellowship (Operation Italy Christian Mission Inc.) so they can officially raise support for our Ministry and visit churches sharing the spiritual need of Italy.

We are also looking for teams of four to seven young people who would come for at least three months by-three months, and help us start new churches in every city, town andvillage. You can share the

cost of renting an apartment and work together for three months in the same area, until we see the “birth” of a new Home Church.

Please contact us at

Thank you your willingness to serve God with us in Italy, and God bless you mightily.

Missionary/Pastor Abel Aureli and team

Abel Aureli
Corso Francia, 12
03100 Frosinone FR, Italy
PHONE: 011-39-0775-291-136
MOBILE: 011-39-338-190-3761


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