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January 15, 2014

December 2013

ImageDear Beloved in Christ,

Another year is almost gone, but we are not gone and God is not certainly gone anywhere! …Praise His Holy Name!

I wanted to thank you first of all for praying for our daughter and for our family, during this attack of the enemy on our daughter. She is feeling much better and reassured that God is in control and that very soon she can come back home, and recover from this bad experience, of marrying the wrong man. After ten years of marriage and a child almost ten years, he decided that he wanted his freedom back!

So, with God’s help, by February first she should be free to legally come back home with her son and be with us. …Unfortunately, for one or two who get saved in a wrong marriage, hundreds will turn bad and there are many consequences to pay.Image

At this point my wife Anna is there with her, to make her fill more secure, since her father in-law threaten to kill her if she lives the place.

I also want to thank you for your prayers for me while I was traveling in the US, with the many miles traveled and thank God nothing bad has happened and God has watched over me all the way. …Praise God!

On this trip I was able to see some of the churches which we already knew and to minister to them, but I also wanted to get to know new churches, to start a relationship with them and to share with them or at least with the Pastor and the Mission’s Board, of the reality of the spiritual condition of Italy.

ImageMany were amazed to hear about the little percentage of Born Again believers in Italy, but as the Lord allowed me, I was also able to speak about the condition of the Church today, in view of the soon return of the Lord, or at least His coming over the clouds to get the Church.

I was greatly blessed for a sudden invitation to speak at the A/G International Fellowship Conference in Norwalk, CT. Pastor Dan Mariano asked me if I could go and speak.

I also spoke in NJ twice, at Nutley Abundant Life, where Bishop Peter Bruno is Pastor, and at Whippany Abundant Life, where Joe Arminio is Pastor. Other churches where I spoke or shared, were: Spirit of Life Church, in Decatur, IL; Faith Temple Church, in Birmingham, AL;

Heritage Christian Center, in Hueytown, AL; and New Life in Christ Church, Foley, AL. Many were also the friends I was able to seeImage again and also those I was able to see for the first time. …I want to thank all of them, for their kindness and for their encouragement to me.

One of the great moments of course was to see our youngest grand-daughter Amelia, born from Dan and Jacque Aureli, and all the other sons, daughters in-law and grand-children, in the Boston MA area. I am thankful to God for granting me that time.

As for the Italian situation and ministries, we are organizing our Spring-Summer evangelistic outreaches, of course inviting short mission groups from churches, but mostly doing outreaches and preaching the Gospel in the streets and in the main squares of the surrounding towns.

ImageWe want to continue with our Bill-board and Posters, and also need to print more Gospel literature (Salvation Tracts), which are not too long, because as I have said it other times, the Italian people don’t like to read much! 🙂

I don’t remember if I had mentioned to you the situation in the building where we live, but it seems that the “raid” from the Police a few weeks ago has only left our cellar doors all broken, by the Police Craw bars, but the selling of drugs is still on! So, we are praying that God will provide us the money at least to restructure at least one apartment in the old Family house (my In-Law’s old house), so we can move there where we can be more peaceful.

Our Fellowship meetings is going ahead. On Nov. the 23rd we had a general meeting at the Hotel and we were greatly blessed.

The one thing I would like you to pray for, it’s a problem we had in our church’s parking lot. In one of those very rainy days, while I was traveling in the States, we had a land-slide, which took a good part of our soil and rocks on the street below, causing so much hardship Imageto the people. So, now we need to build a concrete wall to hold that land, but we need to do it according to the City Rules, and that will cost us between Five and Ten Thousand Dollars! For this reason and project, I wanted to ask all our friends to pray and to see if the Lord would want you to donate for this project, and fix our parking lot.

Thank you so much for your great love for us, to those who have been supporting our ministry for years and to those who are starting now, but even to those who were not able to support us financially, but you prayed for us and for our ministry, the Lord is a witness of your actions doneImagetowards our ministry, and we all know that He will not forget what you have done or are doing for the Kingdom of God in Italy.

Finally Brethren, we want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Christmas, and a very Happy New year with many blessings from our Heavenly Father.

We love you all and we pray for God’s blessing upon you and your loved ones.

With much love in Christ,

Your missionaries, Abel Aureli and family