May 2013 Newsletter

Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings and blessings from the province of Frosinone, Italy.

We are glad to report that finally Spring has made it’s way in and the weather is more like the one which allows us to start our evangelistic outreaches again. 

We are all well and much is going on in our family in the preparation for Joshua (our son) wedding with Alessandra, which will be (God willing), on July 13th

A few weeks ago we had the blessing of having a couple from Grand Junction, CO. Ben and April Amrine, who sense the calling of God on their lives to come and minister with us, or to start a new work in a different area, but we had a wonderful 10 days together and we were able to have an outreach by walking around in the city with Gospel literature distribution, and then in the evening we continued in different areas of the city. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures of that. 

We want to pray that God will give them the assurance that it’s Him who is really calling them and that by knowing the true situation in Italy, people start to ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers in His field. 

To this regard, and to make aware our American Brethren of the true spiritual condition of Italy, which it’s not a Christian nation, we are making a campaign by letter to as many churches as possible, to let them know that out of 59,000,000 people living in Italy, only 236,000 of them can claim to be born again believers! Dear brother and sisters, this is a tragedy! Lately we hardly hear about new missionaries coming to Italy. And some of them come only for a term and then they don’t come back. Italians are very Jealous about their Culture, and if people come here wanting to start replicas of American Churches, they are not well accepted. 

Yet, since many believe that Italy is a Christian nation, they don’t even pray the Lord of harvest to send labourers in the Italian Mission Field! How can they pray unless they know the needs? So, while we are reaching unsaved people in Italy, we also want to reach “saved” people in the US, and encourage them to pray the Lord of Harvest to send labourers and also to help us financially, to reach new communities with the saving message of the Gospel. So far we have sent letters to the states of GA, AZ, and all the states in the New England region, from CT to ME. Unfortunately, our budget is very small, so we had to stop the mailings. So we ask that you will pray for us and if anyone feels lead to help us reach churches in their own states, it would be a blessing to us. 

Two weeks ago we had the blessing to see a new family come to the Lord. A couple with two children. She (the wife) ended up on my website and seeing that we were in the city of Frosinone, and they live just 15 miles from us, she wanted to find out more about us, so she translated my English testimony into Italian. As she read that, she got touched and she thought that this was exactly what she needed but she didn’t know how to look for it! So she first sent me a message, but then she called me on the phone because they wanted to meet me. So that was Wednesday April 17th. We met and then they started coming from the next day for prayer meeting, and  they have been attending church every time. They are full of zeal for the Lord, to the point that they are causing jealousy among other believers and more of them are now coming to the prayer meetings! …Praise the Lord.

I like to also share about a ministry to Africa, and especially in Malawi, where a Pastor who has been encouraged by our Bible Studies which I sent them, this is what he reports: “Dear Brother Abele. We humbly ask you for your prayers because of the growth of the church I have divided  the believes into groups called ICC (International Christian Center) Spiritual warriors. Why have we done this? We have found that new believers are born every day. And some are ahead  in these Bible lessons. And this has made us to put them in groups. Continue teaching those who are ahead and start again with the new. And have set up days for this. in addition  5 girl sent to attach the ministry but failed but instead thy met God the miracle worker and be delivered .Through your teachings the ministry has become the threat to the devil. Do not forget us in prayers.

I.C.C Malawi to the glory of God. …Your son in Christ, Gilbert”…(They are in need for 20 large Print Bibles in their language, which cost about $10.00 Each.) 

Over and above the areas of needs we have already mentioned, we ask that you will pray for our son’s wedding. It was not the best time for this expenses, because he lost his job just before Christmas, but he needed to get married, so we are supposed to carry the weight for the restaurant, for about 200 guests, plus other expenses. And we don’t have this money, so please pray for us and if you can help, do as the Lord will lead you. 

At the same time, Anna was losing five of her teeth and she needed to get a teeth job done fast before the wedding, a job which cost 4,000.00 Euro, which is about $ 5,200.00. …As you can see, we are under attack from the enemy, and finances is the area where the enemy is attacking us the most, but we got news that our God is still on the Throne, and He still owns all the treasures of the world! So we trust in Him and in His faithfulness, but we also trust in your love and in your care for us and for the unsaved people in Italy.

Blessings and much love in Christ,                                                            

Abel, Anna and Joshua Aureli 


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