December 30, 2014

“Prepare ye the way”

Isaiah 40:3-5; 3 A voice of one crying In the desert: “prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. 4 Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. 5 And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

Luke 3:4-6; 4 As is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet: “A voice of one crying in the desert, “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him. 5 Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. 6 And all mankind will see God’s salvation.”


As we all know, these words were spoken to the people of God “Israel”, and we need to remember that by then it had been about 400 years in which God did not speak to His people! At that point, God sent John the Baptist to cry out to the people (whose hearts and souls were as dry as a desert), so that they could get ready for the arrival of the Messiah! And why did they have to prepare for the arrival of the Messiah and make their ways straight? Because their hearts were not according to God’s heart and they were not living according to the will of God.

Now, I trust most of you agree with me and with the Word of God, that after 400 years of silence by God, those people needed a great (the greatest) prophet of God (after Jesus Himself), to proclaim the Word of God, to prepare their hearts to receive the Messiah, but I strongly believe that today’s Church (God’s people), not just the religious people, is spiritually not in a much better condition than God’s people of that time! We are only saved by grace through faith in Christ, but we are just like God’s people of that time! Those people were going ahead by rituals, but they had not heard the Word of God for four hundred years! And the reason was because they were a rebellious people, so God didn’t speak to them, but now, after 400 years, their condition was even worse than that of 400 years before! They had the Torah, and they could read and hear it every day, but to them it was just a ritual. Those were just empty words to them, just like the Word of God preached and read today, to many people who attend church. They come to church and go back home just the same way they came in! No change in their hearts and lives, because they didn’t hear the Word! “To whom has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church”!

So, their ways were very distorted and every one was walking according to their own ideas! Now, If those people needed to make their ways straight (prepare their hearts for the “first coming” of the Lord, how much more do we need to prepare the ways of the Lord in our hearts, considering the fact that while Jesus was going to stay on the earth for three years, so that His people had plenty of time to prepare their ways and believe the Messiah, His coming for the rapture of the Church, will be in a twinkling of an eye; and unless we are ready when he appears over the clouds, at the sound of the Trumpet, we will not be taken with Him (see the five foolish virgins) and will be left on the earth! As the Word says; two will be sleeping in a bed, one will be taken and one will be left! If only one of them is born again, only one with be taken away with the Lord. This means that only the ones who are ready when the trumpet blows, will go to be with the Lord! And the fact that we call ourselves “born again” and went to church every day of our life, without changing our heart and mind, it want make any difference, because we don’t become an automobile by sleeping in a garage. By the same token, we don’t become Christians by just going or attending church!

That’s why I believe God is calling up people with great courage, possibly not church Pastors, but Prophets, who need to go around from church to church (wherever they will be received), because in the last few decades the church has lost her zeal and too much sin has been allowed in the local churches, for fear of losing some people to another local church. Now, I understand that as Pastors, we would like to keep our people in our churches, whether they are saints or not, saved or not, but the problem is that those who do not want to change their ways and to forsake their sins in the long run, will contaminate other people in the church! Paul says: “Your glorying is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump”? (1Cor. 5:6; Gal. 5:9) If we will tolerate a sinner in the church, every other member of the church who does not really love God with all their hearts, will feel authorized to live the same sinful life, or if they love God …they will leave the church and go to a better church! Of course, we need to give people time to change their hearts and minds, because they need to grow in the ways of the Lord, and like babies, they will mess themselves up at least a few times every day, and we need to clean them up! But like any baby, if after feeding and taking care of them, as the years go by, if they are not growing and are continually messing up themselves, and are not willing to be helped anymore, we need to put them in a special place, or they will contaminate others!

In Ezekiel 3:16-19; and in 33:1-9; we read that God made Ezekiel a Watchman, to sound the alarm and warn the people when the enemy should try to come in the city. Yet if the watchman falls asleep or if he becomes spiritually blind to the point that he cannot recognize if the guy who just came in, it’s an enemy or a friend, he may allow the enemy in the church, and by the time he gets aware of it, the enemy has already done a lot of damage. That’s why there’s so much sin in the local churches today! Too many watchmen were asleep or were not wise enough!

So, what’s the condition of your church today? I know my people and I am sure you know your people, right? Under the Law of Moses, it was an abomination to commit fornication. To have sex before being married, and with no one else but with your spouse. Is it still an abomination today? Many young people go to college and by the time they are graduated, they end up sleeping and having sex, and sometimes even “orgies”, with ten twenty or fifty different people. They want to explore and be sure that eventually they will marry the person who gives them more satisfaction or who is more nicer to them, but for this reason, after a few months they are married, at the first problem with the person they married, they end up divorcing them and they will contact their many ex schools sweet hearts, ending up having an affair and eventually they are confused because they are not sure anymore that they have married the right person! Many of these people are in the churches today, some with “spiritual responsibilities”, and still live the same sinful lifestyle!

So many lies! Financial immorality, Adultery, Pornography, Drunkenness, Hypocrisy, …just to mention some. I see the situation in the local churches and compare it to the portion of the land where the seed fell, in Jesus parable of the sower, and bore fruit some 30, some 60 and some 100 per cent. Only 25% of the land were the seed was sowen, became fruitful. Only 25% of the people with whom we are working, will bear fruit, and not all in the same amount. Do we get the picture? Someone is asking Jesus if there are few, those who will be saved. Jesus response is: “Strive to enter through the “narrow gate”, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able. How many do you believe will be saved? …Remember, these were Jews who were asking Jesus! They were (supposedly) the people of God, the people who are attending church today, among whom God put us today, to help them get saved and grow in the Lord’s way! Unfortunately, many of them are not striving to enter through the narrow gate, but they are “striving to enlarge the gate”, so they will not need to strive to get in, but who are they fooling, if not just themselves and those who are following them?

Statistics say that 80% of all the people (thousands or millions), who came to salvation or that received Christ at any of the Billy Graham, Louis Palau, Reinhard Bonnke, Jimmy Swaggart or any other great evangelist’s crusades around the world, are nowhere to be found in any church! They got lost on the wayside! The rest of them (20% ), are part of the probably 20 or 25% of the churched people today, whose 75 or 80% will not make the rapture! …Do we get the picture this time?

That’s why I believe that, since Jesus will come back only for those who will be waiting for Him, God knows that if a Pastor or a Prophet will start crying out against sin in the churches, many Pastors and church members who do not like to forsake their sins, and don’t surrender their lives to God to be delivered, they will push out of the church the Prophet or the Preacher who should hurt their feelings, and they will morally, chop their heads off like they did to John the Baptist! Yet, as John the Baptist continued to preach in that “desert”, so today’s Prophets and Ministers must continue to preach the Word of God, whether people like it or not! What would it profit a Pastor to have thousands of people in the church and know that only about a 100 of them will make the rapture? Yes, we are to care for the unsaved people out of the Church, but what about the churched people whom we know that they will not make the rapture! …And please, don’t tell me that we are not to “judge”! …We know very well what it takes to make the rapture, and we know those who are in church trying to deceive us and God! (see Galatians 5:19-21). …We can’t judge, but the Word of God can!

Of course there are different ministries and I believe Jesus did that for a reason. A Pastor or even an Elder of a church will be in the same church most of his life, and he needs to keep them, care for them, help them, and watch over them, but he has the tendency to become soft and not strict enough with them against sin. Yet a Prophet or even an Apostle, doesn’t stay long in a church. He will move on from church to church wherever the Spirit will take them or wherever they will be needed and wherever they will be received by the local Pastor, so the church members will not have to listen to them every week and they can’t fire them because when they should think about that, the Prophet is already gone! Then, it’s up to the Pastor to keep reminding them that Jesus will take with Him, only those who are “already …ready”, when the trumpet will blow!

When the Apostle Paul was going to Rome (Acts 20), From Miletus, he sent to Ephesus for the elders of the church, and when they arrived, he spoke to them, and told them to be careful and keep the “doctrine”. Paul did not send for every member of the church but for the Elders. Then it was up to the Elders to teach each member of the church according to the teaching he had received. And those Elders had to be “submitted” to the Apostle Paul, because he had appointed them to be responsible for the church he had started.

There is no doubt that we all need to get closer and closer to God, and although none of us can become perfect in the real sense of the word, yet we can all become perfect, according to the standard of the Lord! We will surrender our whole life to Him, and He will cleanse our hearts, minds and souls, with his precious blood which He shed for us once and forever, on the cross of Calvary!

The Word tells us that Christ will come back very soon, and for a blameless and spotless spouse (Church)! But perhaps that is (willingly) a very generalized timing, for those who do not love the Lord as they should. What instead, if Jesus would tell us that we all have only two weeks time before the rapture? Would that change the situation in our hearts, minds and in our church? …The soon coming of the Lord has been proclaimed for two thousand years, and we are still here! But what about if God gives only two weeks time? Would we be living the same life stile we have been living until now? Wouldn’t we run to our closest relatives and friends, and hurry them up to get saved because they only have two weeks? And wouldn’t we sell everything we have and use the money to preach the Gospel all over the world as quickly as possible? Now perhaps we get a better idea of what the message wants to say! Don’t we?

until He comes to take us away, God has always a Church on the earth, and the gates of Hell cannot destroy or overcome it. The Body of Christ is to be united and kept by His love, but His body can be made up of 200 Million people, or of two billion people! Of course His Church is Holy, but then our question must be: Am I a part of that Body, of that Church, of His Spouse? Remember, …many that day will try to enter because they have convinced themselves that they were good people and they attended church every Sunday, but they will not be able to enter! Yet these people assume that they are Christian; even Ministers! Yet Jesus tells them that He never knew them!!!

This message may not be for you who are reading it today, but James 5:19, 20, says that if we see or know that someone of us has turned away from the truth, and we will bring him back to the right way, we will save his soul from death and will cover (avoid) multitudes of sin. This tells us that our ministry, not only as Ministers, but as brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s not limited to ourselves and our family (minding our own business), but it must reach to our brothers and sisters in Christ as well. We are not to say like Cain said, when God asked him where his brother was, but we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers! We are to watch over our Brethren’s spiritual, moral and material welfare! Because we are connected to each other by the “joints” of love which God shed in our hearts for each other!

May God continue to speak to each one of us through the Holy Spirit.

Blessings and power to overcome, in Christ Jesus. …Amen!

Rev. Abele Aureli (Operation Italy);

December 2014 Newsletter

December 27, 2014

Dear beloved co-believers in Christ,

As many of you know now, Operation Italy is a missionary evangelistic and church planting ministry in Italy since July 1985. By the grace of God, in these years, although with limited resources, God helped us start six churches both directly and indirectly.

We are now looking for volunteer believers in each State of America and Canada, to help us raise our prayer and financial support, and be an active part of Operation Italy, to help us reach new communities of unsaved, with the saving message of the Gospel, and for our Church Planting, in Italy.

Italy has only 0.4% of people claiming to be Born Again Believers (that’s 0nly 236,000 believers out of a population of 60 Million), and with the Lord’s return approaching quickly, we need to reach them fast, with the saving message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Anyone willing to help? Every little helps!

Unfortunately, with the very few labourers in the field and the much work to do, we can’t spare time to travel to the USA and itinerate churches to raise our needed funds.

Volunteers will become members of our Missionary fellowship (Operation Italy Christian Mission Inc.) so they can officially raise support for our Ministry and visit churches sharing the spiritual need of Italy.

We are also looking for teams of four to seven young people who would come for at least three months by-three months, and help us start new churches in every city, town andvillage. You can share the

cost of renting an apartment and work together for three months in the same area, until we see the “birth” of a new Home Church.

Please contact us at

Thank you your willingness to serve God with us in Italy, and God bless you mightily.

Missionary/Pastor Abel Aureli and team

Abel Aureli
Corso Francia, 12
03100 Frosinone FR, Italy
PHONE: 011-39-0775-291-136
MOBILE: 011-39-338-190-3761

October 2014 News Letter

December 27, 2014

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!” Psalm 48:1

Dear beloved in Christ and co-laborers in the Ministry. Greeting and blessings from Frosinone, Italy.

We are soon approaching winter and since on a couple of weeks we had so much rain, it is creating problems for the populations in Northern Italy, as it has already happened last month in
the city of Genova. We thank God we never had any major problem, apart the mudslide on our church’s parking lot last Fall.

As for the other situations, we are grateful to God and to you for what we have been allowed to do together, evangelizing our communities. As you can see from the attached photos, on two different occasions we went to what we call “The Villa Comunale” (The City Hall Park), where usually people go for a walk on Saturday evening and through which, God blessed us with five new people (including three from Nigeria). We now have ten small children, ages ranging from two months to ten years old! We now have the problem of either finding a used Caravan or building a room on wheels, and park it next to the church building, so the children won’t disturb the church meeting, especially during themessage. Would anyone like to help provide this special room for God’s children?

Last month we had to elect a new board for our Pastoral and churches communion andalthough I didn’t want to have any responsibility for a while, to allow other Pastors to serve in turns as President. They wanted me as their Vice-President, to cooperate with the newPresident. Please pray for this Communion of churches because the enemy doesn’t like it; it helps us have communion and unity together with other churches and not befragmented, looking like many different religions.

On September 16th we had the Court Case for our daughter Joy, to get the Judge ruling so she could come back home with the son who is now 11 years old, but it seems they are taking a long time to make a decision, and we have a suspicion that the enemy is doing all he can to keep our daughter and grandson away from us. But we trust that God is still in charge of anything which regards His children. Praise God!!! So, we may have to wait a little longer, but we trust God for a solution according to His will.

Our son Joshua and Alessandra had they first baby girl who was born on September 11th,whose name is Sofia. She is a real beauty, and I need to ask Joshua if I can send a picture of her to put on the Newsletter. He is very careful about posting any picture of her. We are very proud of them. They live in the city of Sora, about 20 miles away from us, but since he works in Frosinone, we get to have them with us for two days and nights every weekend. After church on Sunday we have lunch together and then they go back home.

We want to thank you for your prayers for them and especially for Joshua, to get the job he has now. We are grateful to God and to you for this job for him.

I am thinking about organizing a Conferencesimilar to the one we had in May, but I would have it in English and invite ministers and friends from everywhere. Of course the Conference would be in English, and the Subject would be the same as we had the one in Italian, which was: “The Condition of the Local Churches in View of the Lords Return, and What Can we do About it”!

I truly believe that there’s much to be done and which we can do if we are truly Instruments in the hand of God, led by the Holy Spirit.

We have a new believer in the city of Ceccano, about ten miles from Frosinone. Anna and I went to meet her last Monday evening and had a little Bible study with her. Hopefully she can
come to church; she is a widow and has married children living in Rome who come to see her every Sunday with her grandchildren. She promised to come every once in a while but she promised that she would try very hard to come also on Thursday evening. Please pray for her. Her name is Carmela.

Please pray for new partners in God’s Field in our Province. The World belongs to God and He owns every soul on the face of the earth, but He has charged us to “reach the lost at any cost”! Jesus knew that since eternity, and He was born as a human being to die to rescue us! He did not stop before the cross and His sacrifice, so we want to do the same with His help and by His grace.

Please, make this God-given ministry (Operation Italy), as your own ministry and part of your life, until the Lord comes back to get all of us in Glory!

We love you, and I am sorry that I could not come to see some of you this Fall, but God willing I will see you in the Fall 2015!

Love in Christ to everyone and may God richly bless you all.
Your missionaries, Abel, Anna and family

Please write your checks to
“Operation Italy”
and mail them to:
Operation Italy
707 Winthrop St.
Medford, MA 02155

Operation Italy it’s a non-profit missionary Organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, and it’s exempt from income Taxes, under the revenue laws of the U.S.A.
Every donation to Operation Italy is tax deductible.

Abel Aureli
Corso Francia, 12
03100 Frosinone FR, Italy
PHONE: 011-39-0775-291-136
MOBILE: 011-39-338-190-3761


January 15, 2014

December 2013

ImageDear Beloved in Christ,

Another year is almost gone, but we are not gone and God is not certainly gone anywhere! …Praise His Holy Name!

I wanted to thank you first of all for praying for our daughter and for our family, during this attack of the enemy on our daughter. She is feeling much better and reassured that God is in control and that very soon she can come back home, and recover from this bad experience, of marrying the wrong man. After ten years of marriage and a child almost ten years, he decided that he wanted his freedom back!

So, with God’s help, by February first she should be free to legally come back home with her son and be with us. …Unfortunately, for one or two who get saved in a wrong marriage, hundreds will turn bad and there are many consequences to pay.Image

At this point my wife Anna is there with her, to make her fill more secure, since her father in-law threaten to kill her if she lives the place.

I also want to thank you for your prayers for me while I was traveling in the US, with the many miles traveled and thank God nothing bad has happened and God has watched over me all the way. …Praise God!

On this trip I was able to see some of the churches which we already knew and to minister to them, but I also wanted to get to know new churches, to start a relationship with them and to share with them or at least with the Pastor and the Mission’s Board, of the reality of the spiritual condition of Italy.

ImageMany were amazed to hear about the little percentage of Born Again believers in Italy, but as the Lord allowed me, I was also able to speak about the condition of the Church today, in view of the soon return of the Lord, or at least His coming over the clouds to get the Church.

I was greatly blessed for a sudden invitation to speak at the A/G International Fellowship Conference in Norwalk, CT. Pastor Dan Mariano asked me if I could go and speak.

I also spoke in NJ twice, at Nutley Abundant Life, where Bishop Peter Bruno is Pastor, and at Whippany Abundant Life, where Joe Arminio is Pastor. Other churches where I spoke or shared, were: Spirit of Life Church, in Decatur, IL; Faith Temple Church, in Birmingham, AL;

Heritage Christian Center, in Hueytown, AL; and New Life in Christ Church, Foley, AL. Many were also the friends I was able to seeImage again and also those I was able to see for the first time. …I want to thank all of them, for their kindness and for their encouragement to me.

One of the great moments of course was to see our youngest grand-daughter Amelia, born from Dan and Jacque Aureli, and all the other sons, daughters in-law and grand-children, in the Boston MA area. I am thankful to God for granting me that time.

As for the Italian situation and ministries, we are organizing our Spring-Summer evangelistic outreaches, of course inviting short mission groups from churches, but mostly doing outreaches and preaching the Gospel in the streets and in the main squares of the surrounding towns.

ImageWe want to continue with our Bill-board and Posters, and also need to print more Gospel literature (Salvation Tracts), which are not too long, because as I have said it other times, the Italian people don’t like to read much! 🙂

I don’t remember if I had mentioned to you the situation in the building where we live, but it seems that the “raid” from the Police a few weeks ago has only left our cellar doors all broken, by the Police Craw bars, but the selling of drugs is still on! So, we are praying that God will provide us the money at least to restructure at least one apartment in the old Family house (my In-Law’s old house), so we can move there where we can be more peaceful.

Our Fellowship meetings is going ahead. On Nov. the 23rd we had a general meeting at the Hotel and we were greatly blessed.

The one thing I would like you to pray for, it’s a problem we had in our church’s parking lot. In one of those very rainy days, while I was traveling in the States, we had a land-slide, which took a good part of our soil and rocks on the street below, causing so much hardship Imageto the people. So, now we need to build a concrete wall to hold that land, but we need to do it according to the City Rules, and that will cost us between Five and Ten Thousand Dollars! For this reason and project, I wanted to ask all our friends to pray and to see if the Lord would want you to donate for this project, and fix our parking lot.

Thank you so much for your great love for us, to those who have been supporting our ministry for years and to those who are starting now, but even to those who were not able to support us financially, but you prayed for us and for our ministry, the Lord is a witness of your actions doneImagetowards our ministry, and we all know that He will not forget what you have done or are doing for the Kingdom of God in Italy.

Finally Brethren, we want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Christmas, and a very Happy New year with many blessings from our Heavenly Father.

We love you all and we pray for God’s blessing upon you and your loved ones.

With much love in Christ,

Your missionaries, Abel Aureli and family

May 2013 Newsletter

October 24, 2013

Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings and blessings from the province of Frosinone, Italy.

We are glad to report that finally Spring has made it’s way in and the weather is more like the one which allows us to start our evangelistic outreaches again. 

We are all well and much is going on in our family in the preparation for Joshua (our son) wedding with Alessandra, which will be (God willing), on July 13th

A few weeks ago we had the blessing of having a couple from Grand Junction, CO. Ben and April Amrine, who sense the calling of God on their lives to come and minister with us, or to start a new work in a different area, but we had a wonderful 10 days together and we were able to have an outreach by walking around in the city with Gospel literature distribution, and then in the evening we continued in different areas of the city. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures of that. 

We want to pray that God will give them the assurance that it’s Him who is really calling them and that by knowing the true situation in Italy, people start to ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers in His field. 

To this regard, and to make aware our American Brethren of the true spiritual condition of Italy, which it’s not a Christian nation, we are making a campaign by letter to as many churches as possible, to let them know that out of 59,000,000 people living in Italy, only 236,000 of them can claim to be born again believers! Dear brother and sisters, this is a tragedy! Lately we hardly hear about new missionaries coming to Italy. And some of them come only for a term and then they don’t come back. Italians are very Jealous about their Culture, and if people come here wanting to start replicas of American Churches, they are not well accepted. 

Yet, since many believe that Italy is a Christian nation, they don’t even pray the Lord of harvest to send labourers in the Italian Mission Field! How can they pray unless they know the needs? So, while we are reaching unsaved people in Italy, we also want to reach “saved” people in the US, and encourage them to pray the Lord of Harvest to send labourers and also to help us financially, to reach new communities with the saving message of the Gospel. So far we have sent letters to the states of GA, AZ, and all the states in the New England region, from CT to ME. Unfortunately, our budget is very small, so we had to stop the mailings. So we ask that you will pray for us and if anyone feels lead to help us reach churches in their own states, it would be a blessing to us. 

Two weeks ago we had the blessing to see a new family come to the Lord. A couple with two children. She (the wife) ended up on my website and seeing that we were in the city of Frosinone, and they live just 15 miles from us, she wanted to find out more about us, so she translated my English testimony into Italian. As she read that, she got touched and she thought that this was exactly what she needed but she didn’t know how to look for it! So she first sent me a message, but then she called me on the phone because they wanted to meet me. So that was Wednesday April 17th. We met and then they started coming from the next day for prayer meeting, and  they have been attending church every time. They are full of zeal for the Lord, to the point that they are causing jealousy among other believers and more of them are now coming to the prayer meetings! …Praise the Lord.

I like to also share about a ministry to Africa, and especially in Malawi, where a Pastor who has been encouraged by our Bible Studies which I sent them, this is what he reports: “Dear Brother Abele. We humbly ask you for your prayers because of the growth of the church I have divided  the believes into groups called ICC (International Christian Center) Spiritual warriors. Why have we done this? We have found that new believers are born every day. And some are ahead  in these Bible lessons. And this has made us to put them in groups. Continue teaching those who are ahead and start again with the new. And have set up days for this. in addition  5 girl sent to attach the ministry but failed but instead thy met God the miracle worker and be delivered .Through your teachings the ministry has become the threat to the devil. Do not forget us in prayers.

I.C.C Malawi to the glory of God. …Your son in Christ, Gilbert”…(They are in need for 20 large Print Bibles in their language, which cost about $10.00 Each.) 

Over and above the areas of needs we have already mentioned, we ask that you will pray for our son’s wedding. It was not the best time for this expenses, because he lost his job just before Christmas, but he needed to get married, so we are supposed to carry the weight for the restaurant, for about 200 guests, plus other expenses. And we don’t have this money, so please pray for us and if you can help, do as the Lord will lead you. 

At the same time, Anna was losing five of her teeth and she needed to get a teeth job done fast before the wedding, a job which cost 4,000.00 Euro, which is about $ 5,200.00. …As you can see, we are under attack from the enemy, and finances is the area where the enemy is attacking us the most, but we got news that our God is still on the Throne, and He still owns all the treasures of the world! So we trust in Him and in His faithfulness, but we also trust in your love and in your care for us and for the unsaved people in Italy.

Blessings and much love in Christ,                                                            

Abel, Anna and Joshua Aureli 

April 2013 Newsletter

April 8, 2013

Lettera OI What Can Be Done

Operation Italy – December 2012 Newsletter

December 23, 2012

Abel and AnnaDear Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings and blessings from Frosinone, Italy.

I got back to Italy on November 13th, and I want to thank God and everyone of you who prayed for me during these two months of traveling in the States.

Most of my time was spent in the MA area, where four of our sons and seven grand-children live. Unfortunately, in the past I spent very little time with them, due to the need to travel among churches to raise our prayer and financial support.

I took time to visit churches and friends in NJ and then I went to visit two churches in Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. Unfortunately, although “thank God”, the storm Sandy didn’t do any damage in the Boston area, yet for fear of the storm they closed the Logan Airport, so coming back from Phoenix, I was stuck in Chicago for two extra days. Yet, God granted me to witness and minister to many people, both at the airport and during the flights.

One of the greatest blessings I experienced, apart from seeing our friends and the supporting churches, it was getting to know a new church in Mesa AZ. A beautiful church of about 250-300 people who showed so much love and interest in helping us reach and minister the many unsaved people in Italy. It also was a great blessing to visit again this other small church in Phoenix, who has been supporting us for many years, but because of the distance, I don’t get to see them often enough.

I want to ask you to please pray for all our supporters, but especially for these small churches and their leaders, as they are struggling to cover the expenses, to keep their churches open. I am not going to mention their names, but God knows who they are.

I was also able to meet with three new Pastors in the MA area, which God willing I will be visiting next year. Unfortunately, not enough church leaders know the reality of the spiritual condition of Italy, and the fact that only 04% (236,000) out of 59 Million people, can claim to be Born Again believers! I wander if there’s a Christian magazine or newspaper which would put this news out.

I wanted to ask you if you would help us put an article or even a printed photo which I would send you, on these Christian or even local and secular newspapers which are delivered free to churches, all over the USA. If you can help us, please let me know and I will send you a printing and a Photo of the printing which could be published.

As for our ministry, we are in the process of organizing outreaches and other ways to reach the unsaved people in this province. Right now I am in hanging three of those big panels 20 x 10 feet each in the city of Frosinone. Also, although you can’t speak Italian, yet we are still welcoming church’s small groups, who can help us either with Plays and Dramas, but also in handing out of Gospel literature. This of course needs to be done between the second half of March to the end of August.
An engineer is preparing the blue-print to restore our old in-laws house in the town of Boville Ernica, but we need a mortgage which the banks here won’t give to us, because we are too old and we don’t make enough money, but if there are churches and individuals who could help us, either with a loan from the US or with donations, we would like to eventually go to live in that house and use the apartment in Frosinone, which it’s more central and closer to the train station, for visitors who come to help us in the ministry! We don’t have a precise estimate yet, but the whole thing could come to about $100,000.00.

The cost for ten people for ten days in a hotel, plus the cost for the restaurants, would come to at least 10 to 12 thousand dollars. So if you can add that for two or three times which your team comes here, it would be well worth a donation for $10,000.00 from your church. Please pray about it and let’s see what the Lord is enabling us to do.

Just before I left Italy for the US, a man who had not been to church for over ten years, since the church split we had, finally came back to church. Then while in the States, my wife told me that he had to be rushed to the hospital for some serious issues, and so, I called him to the hospital. I prayed for him and told him that the next morning (Sunday), I was going to visit a church and I would have asked that church to pray for him.

In the meantime, after church in Italy, my wife and other brothers and sisters from our church went to visit him in the hospital, and found him “well”, totally healed and in tears for the joy and the presence of God. The next day he was dismissed from the hospital. …Praise God! Now, the enemy is attacking this family, because one of their sons is MerryXMAS1being operated on today in a Rome hospital, and we are trusting God to heal him before the surgeons get to touch him or that God will lead the surgeon’s hands, that everything will go well and they can have victory over the enemy!

At this time we would like to wish you a very spiritually important and Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

We love you and pray that God’s blessings be upon you, your loved ones and your churches and ministries. We want to thank you so much for your love and for your care for us and for our ministry, and we pray and trust God that many souls will come to salvation and to the Kingdom of God, through our physical and spiritual effort and through your prayers and financial support.

With much love in Christ Jesus, together in God’s Field,

Your missionaries: Abel Aureli and family